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    Do JBoss7 new Log Categories require a server restart?

    Eric Neilsen Newbie

      I'm using the admin console (http://localhost:9990/console/App.html#logging) to dynamically add custom categories but it seems like the changes only take affect after a restart.


      The use case is for debugging in production. If something start happening I want to turn the log level to debug for a particular package dynamically.


      For instance, if I have the follow structure:










      and I have the root logger set to INFO, but I need to temporarily log the com.example.biz.clustering package at the debug level I have been adding a custom log category pointing to that package to it's own unique handler (that has a lower log level). Everything works great once I bounce JBoss. Is there a way to dynamically turn this on without bring the server down? I can't create custom loggers for every package, I need a dynamic solution.