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    p:editor: How to add plugins?

    Andi Andi Newbie



      my webapp running on richfaces 4.1.0-Final. I want to add a syntax Highlighting plugin (http://code.google.com/p/ckeditor-syntaxhighlight/) to the p:editor.


      In the documentation of ckeditor-syntaxhighlighting it is described as fallows:



      Copy the plugin library into the directory of the ckeditor installation.


      1. Checkout or download the ckeditor-syntaxhighlight source
      2. Copy the plugins/syntaxhighlight directory into your ckeditor install directory under plugins
      3. Update your ckeditor configuration to use this plugin

              config. extraPlugins = 'syntaxhighlight';
      .toolbar_Full.push ([ 'Code']);



      But the ckeditor is included in the richfaces library. So how can I reference the plugin library? Have the p:editor the possiblity to reference to config file like with the TinyMCE based editor in richfaces 3?