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    Spring extension Beta 2 plans

    Jakub Narloch Novice

      I would like to open discussion on next Spring extension release:


      What I would like see in this version:



      ARQ-960 - Provide the way to specify the strategy on instantiting AppllicationContext e.g. each test method or each test case

      ARQ-1108 - Register the spring transaction provider on the client side


      Service deployer:

      ARQ-1104 - Spring deployer should include all spring artifacts

      ARQ-1105 - Spring deployer - add maven offline property

      ARQ-1106 - Spring deployer - allow caching the resolved libraries between deployments


      Besides that I have a general idea to make WarpDispatcherServlet be usable with Spring 3 and WebApplicationInitializer, currently it is compiled against Spring 2.5.6 so it tries to load xml configuration file when it is constructed.


      If any one has any interesting idea regarding Arquillian and Spring, please share it with us.