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    Is there a way to intercept/divert/transform etc. an incoming message, split it up into seperate messages and post them on the same queue that the original message was sent to?

    Daniel Bjorklund Newbie

      I've been looking around on diverts, interceptors and transformers and haven't really found out if any of these features or any other feature in Hornetq for that matter can help me do what I want to achieve.


      I want to be able to configure Hornetq so that when a message is sent to Queue A, HornetQ intercepts the message in some way (doesn't have to be an interceptor) and splits the message into separate smaller messages and finally post each separate message to Queue A that the original message was sent to. I would also like to have the original message thrown away, not arriving at the destination Queue A.


      Is this possible to achieve in Hornetq in some way?