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    resteasy validation question

    Mathieu Lachance Novice

      Hello everyone,


      I'm currently facing an issue with the usage of the validation in rest service.


      Here's my case :


      public class MyService
          public Response testValidation(@PathParam("id") @Min(value=1) int id)
              return Response.ok().build();


      That done, when going to /testvalidation/0 I'm expecting to get an IllegalArgumentException as 0 < 1.

      Though, nothing happen, like if the annotation has no impact at all.


      Do the usage of @ValidateRequest or any @javax.validation.constraints.... require a specific setup to work ? anything in standalone.xml ? beans.xml ? jboss-deployment-structure.xml ?


      I'm deploying this on jboss as 7.1.2.Final and my service is bundled into a .jar inside an .ear.


      Anyone ?


      Big thanks,