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    There exists an equivalent @WebContext for JAX-RS?

    Fernando Rubbo Newbie

      Currently, in our application we use @WebContext to set a different contextRoot for webservices. For example:




      @WebService(name = "HelloSoap", portName = "HelloSoapPort", serviceName = "HelloSoap", targetNamespace = "http://com.test")

      @WebContext(contextRoot = "/ws", urlPattern = "/HelloSoap", secureWSDLAccess = false, authMethod = "BASIC", transportGuarantee = "NONE")

      public class HelloSoap { ... }


      There exists an equivalent annotation for JAX-RS?

      We need this because our web app has FORM_AUTH and we need to put all web services (JAX-WS and JAX-RS) as BASIC_AUTH.


      Thankyou in advance,

      Fernando Rubbo