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    Resolving dependencies with Gradle

    netname Newbie

      I have just started using Arquillian. I use gradle for the build and Spock for testing. It has worked great for the initial tests, but for the somehow more complex tests I have not been successful because at runtime I am getting error messages about missing dependencies.


      I would appreciate it if someone could provide some feedback on the feasability of using Arquillian and Gradle for a whole project. Which are the hurdles? How is the dependency resolution handled? I would like to know if I should create poms for my tests; use some gradle scripting and the Resolver API to acomplish this, etc.  Of course any examples would be helpful and greatly appreciated.





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          Karel Piwko Master

          Hi Alberto,


          ShrinkWrap Resolver do not currently have an API binding for Gradle. However, I'm pretty sure Gradle can use Maven repositories. Maybe you can create a test-pom.xml file and somehow import it in your gradle build while using test-pom.xml via ShrinkWrap Maven Resolver in the tests.


          Would that work for you? Do the effort seem reasonable? The untimate way is to create ShrinkWrap Gradle Resolver, but so far nobody is working on this.