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    Solder: @Observes @Initialized isn't working: what should I look for?

    John Genoese Newbie



      I'm trying to initialize an application using



          public void init(@Observes @Initialized WebApplication webapp)

          throws Exception


              System.out.println( "WOW!! " + webapp + " initializing!!!") ;

              initializeRootModel_() ;



      It isn't working during Integration testing.


      What should I be looking at to diagnose this?


      I'm using Solder 3.1.0.Final,  Arquillian, jboss 7.1.1.Final, TestNG, jbossas-managed.








      The artifact being tested is an EAR containing 2 wars. The Solder jars are packaged in the EAR's /lib. Neither @Initialization is functioning.


      One WAR by itself ( no EAR ) by itself, however, shows @Initialization functioning as designed.


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