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    UI Testing of Util Classes deployed on JBoss

    Devikumar R Newbie

      In a Maven project, We have consumed a number of third party web services using Spring Framework. The flow would be something like below and controlled by the respective applicationContext.xml:

      Service Class -> Request Validator -> Request Mapper -> Manager -> Response Mapper -> Service Class.

      In another Maven project, (where the above project is added as a dependency in the pom.xml), There is a Util Class for every service and this Util Maven project is exposed as a shared library to all the UI applications.

      Is there any framework provided by JBoss where these util classes can be registered and tested in a standalone web page (not in the application), this is to ensure that all the services work properly when deployed on a server.

      Say, if a method in a util class has three arguments (two are primitive and other is user defined) , framework should automatically list out the required text boxes. When the user enters the values, they should bind to the respective arguments and the util call has to be made.

      Could you please suggest if there is any framework in jboss or any other ideas to achieve this goal?



      Devikumar R