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    Jboss AS 7 / Xalan not compatible with the use of extension functions ?


      While migrating our software to jboss 7 we have a very specific Xalan configuration : one of our modules calls Xalan to do XSLT, and the XSLT in turn uses extension functions written in java.


      This means that xalan will call our extension functions (java classes) at runtime


      Alas, we get an error :

      FATAL Error : could not compile stylesheet

      cannot find external method 'XXX' (must be public)


      We know for sure that the XSLT call to java is okay since it works with an older version of jboss (4.2.3)


      I assume that xalan.jar which is defined is the server module org.apache.xalan doesn't see our java classes on the classpath


      Defining a dependence our modules (or event in the xalan module) doesn't solve this. Even experimentally including the classes in xalan jar does not make them accessible to xalan.


      I see also that there is a jira on a similar topic : XALANJ-2535



      There is a patch for xalan-j including issue XALANJ-2535 on jboss which is package as : xalan-j2-2.7.1-8.jbossorg_1.jpp6.noarch.rpm, but using this patch does not solve the problem : extension functions remain desperately unreachable.


      Has somebody successfully used extension functions in xalan on jboss AS 7 ?