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    MySql CMP Create Table SQLException

    Sean Radford Novice


      Using Jboss3.1alpha I get an SQLException when the CMP system tries to create one of my bean tables.

      From the log the create statement is: CREATE TABLE G1_EHR (ID BIGINT NOT NULL, ehr_source VARCHAR(50), dt_creation OBJECT, hcp_created_by VARCHAR(50), subjectTransaction BIGINT, CONSTRAINT pk_G1_EHR PRIMARY KEY (ID))

      The dt_creation column appears to be the problem as MySql doesn't have an OBJECT type, does it?

      The dt_creation column is a class (not declared as a DVC yet) and so should be of BLOB type (this is what is specified in standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml)?

      I will be declaring the DVC, so should get rid of the problem, but wanted to find out if this is a bug or not.