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    3.0.0.CR1 Memory Leak

    Brian Wallis Master

      I'm afraid that I seem to have found another leak of some kind. I'm running a performance testing script that is creating/querying/modifying/moving a collection of nodes. It creates around 10,000 nodes per iteration in a tree down to about 6 deep. I ran 14 iterations with a jboss AS7 (7.2.0.Alpha) heap of 1.5G before it ran out of memory, the progression can be seen in this graph from jconsole:


      The script hung during the 14th iteration after about 4.5 hours at about 4 in the morning and I killed it around 8. I've been looking at the heap using jProfiler and found 1711815 instances of org.infinispan.schematic.internal.document.BasicDocument. Following the reference graph shows the following:


      Not sure what a ImmortalCacheEntry is but it sounds scary in a cache :-)


      I will be investigating further but I was hoping this might ring some bells for someone.  The error is similar to MODE-1615.