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    Select element and parameter

    Bob Lapointe Newbie

      Hi !


      (I apologize in advance for my english)


      I work with Jsf and RichFaces for 3 weeks now.

      Here is my problem :

      I'd like to invoke a function with a parameter to populate a select element.

      Here is my code :


      <a4j:repeat value="#{adminLDBean.nomsLds}" var="nomLd">

          <br />

          <html:outputText value="#{nomLd.nom}" />

          <html:outputText value="#{nomLd.type}" />


              <core:selectItems value="#{adminLDBean.getLdvs(nomLd)}" />


          <br />



      The repeat element is associated to a list which contains specified objects of my application.

      For each object I display the name (nomLd.nom) and the type (nomLd.type).

      And i'd like to add a select element with values which depend on the current object.

      So I'd like to invoke a function with the current object as a parameter (adminLDBean.getLdvs(nomLd)).

      My function returns a List<SelectItem>.

      I work with Eclipse and I get this warning in my code : Syntax error in EL (for the selectItems element).

      when I run my application I get the following Exception :

      TagAttributeException: /adminLD.xhtml @155,73 value="#{adminLDBean.getLdvs(nomLd)}" Error Parsing: #{adminLDBean.getLdvs(nomLd)}


      Is it possible to use a function with parameters to populate a select element ?

      Thanks in advance.