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    RAR interface dependency (Classloading issues)

    Sebastiao Santos Newbie

      Hi guys,


      How do you see dependency of RAR classes in AS7 ? In 4.2.3.GA everything is fine with EAR classloader isolation, but I'm in trouble with AS7.


      I have a rar with some Entities and Enum that I use in the Connection Factory interface provided by rar.


      I have an EAR that needs to see these entities and enums to use the connector, including the Connection Factory interface for jndi lookup.


      How can I organize these dependencies in AS7 ? Must I build a module with these files and make global ? Or link RAR and EAR with these module using jboss-deployment-structure !?


      Can I make EAR depends direct of RAR ? How to exclude another classes/jars that are inside the rar to avoid classloader conflicts ?