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    jboss 3.0alpha connection pool

    Keith Newbie


      I have a simple question. In the connection pool settings, I have set the max size to 5. When running the app for a few hours, I see [0/3/5]. This is great, as the app is keep 3 connections and releasing them correctly.

      However, I can see 12 connections to Postgresql when monitoring the system processes. True enough, when I shutdown JBoss, Postgresql receives 12 disconnects.

      Can someone explain if this observation is correct? I thought that the maximum number of connections should be 5, as set in the pool setting.

      If something is wrong, how do I debug this further?


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          David Jencks Master

          Could you try with jboss 3.1 from cvs using the new ConnectionManager and LocalTransaction wrapper? Both parts of the code you are looking at are obsolete.

          I'm not sure how to monitor the usage very well. I thought I put a query method in to ask for the current pool size, but apparently not in the mbean interface. Anyway if you see more than maxsize postgres connections being shut down with the new implementations ... let me know