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    DBUnit disappearing columns

    Nicklas Karlsson Master

      I have a really strange issue with a DBUnit test (@UsingDataSet, XLS) against the H2 ExampleDS. I get the exception


      Caused by: org.dbunit.dataset.NoSuchColumnException: T_MYY405.AVAIN_MYY405 -  (Non-uppercase input column: AVAIN_MYY405) in ColumnNameToIndexes cache map. Note that the map's column names are NOT case sensitive.

                at org.dbunit.dataset.AbstractTableMetaData.getColumnIndex(AbstractTableMetaData.java:117) [arquillian-service:]


      When I debug the code I see the _columnsToIndexes map built correctly with the 31 columns mapped on the first run of getColumnIndex. Then when the second call comes in but now the _columnsToIndexes map only contains 18 keys and a few calls later I get the exception above when the column is not among the 18 present. And this is a private map only accessed within that method, how is it even possible?