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    Steps to Encrypt the Jboss admin-console password



      I am new to jboss AS. I want to secure my jboss admin-cosole password. so that I planned to encrypt the password.

      we are using Jboss AS 6 version. if any one tell me the steps how to encrypt the password exist in the file jmx-console-users.properties


      this step is just i tried to encrypt password.when i hit this command in command line

      Java -cp lib/jboss-logging.jar:lib/jbosssx.jar org.jboss.resource.security.SecureIdentityLoginModule $admin  

      result : I got encoded password.

      after that paste it in the jmx-console-users.properties file like admin=encoded data [username=password]

      I think it is not working .when I try to login the admin-console (http://localhost:8080/admin-console/login.seam?conversationID=8) by using admin/admin username and password.it is throwing  invalid password.if i used the encoded password then i able to login.


      Best Regards.