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    Collectd + JBoss 7

    Ravi Bhure Newbie

      I am working on JBoss 7, server deployment automation, I have done this for Tomcat 7 already and used collectd tool to fetch the tomcat data for performance graph, at the same way I want to do it for JBoss 7, is there a way to do it using collectd plugin -> jcollectd (https://github.com/jcollectd/jcollectd)


      I am getting issues starting JBoss 7 server boot while loading collectd.jar in standalone.conf


      config files:




        <mbeans name="jboss">

          <mbean name="jboss:type=GlobalRequestProcessor,*" alias="GRP">

            <attribute name="bytesReceived" alias="received" units="bytes" type="counter"/>

            <attribute name="bytesSent" alias="sent" units="bytes" type="counter"/>

            <attribute name="errorCount" alias="errors" type="counter"/>






      I have just replaced 'jboss with the tomcat' in above file. But it does not helps, I want to set correct 'mbean name' , 'type' for JBoss 7