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    Access DataSource via JNDI

    Craig Demyanovich Newbie

      I've started to develop a component that I thought could run within or without JBoss, based on the user interface or client from which it is invoked: text ui, awt ui, swing ui, MBean, message-driven bean, etc. My initial tests work like a text ui, and they've failed, unable to access a DataSource since they're not running in the same VM as JBoss.

      I've searched through the forum, and I've found a few threads which state that DataSources are available via JNDI only from within the same VM in which JBoss is running. davidjencks has mentioned a few times that inter-VM access to a DataSource via JNDI, or at least the JBoss naming service implementation thereof, is architecturally not sound. Would someone please elaborate on this issue of inter-VM access to a DataSource. I simply want to understand it better.

      Thanks for your time,
      Craig Demyanovich