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    How to control message in/out of a service ?

    Ju Lee Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I'm using jbossesb 4.10. I want to log the message in/out of a service to database.

      As below ex:

           My actions chain has 3 actions but I want to log the message IN the first action & message OUT of the last action in action pipeline.

           I'm thinking about custom listener...to do this. Does any one know the best solution ?  Please tell me ! Thanks,


      <service category="cat" description="" name="myService">


          <http-gateway busidref="HttpChannel" name="myGw" payloadAs="STRING" urlPattern="/XXXXX/*"/>

          <jms-listener busidref="EsbChannel" is-gateway="false" name="myListener"/>


         <actions mep="RequestResponse">

          <action class="com.XXX.esb.actions.MyAction"  name="Action1" process="processAction1"/>

          <action class="com.XXX.esb.actions.MyAction"  name="Action2" process="processAction2"/>

          <action class="com.XXX.esb.actions.MyAction"  name="Action3" process="processAction3"/>