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    rich:autocomplete problem: autocompleteMethod is called without the prefix


      I have a complex composite control created for the sake of getting an object ID from autocomplete selection. Now things used to work just fine, but I was cleaning up a bit. And... stuff isn't working anymore. Not exactly sure what the problem is.


      The funny part is that function is called, just the parameter is never carrying any value.


      <composite:attribute name="bean" type="package.AutocompleteComponent" required="true"></composite:attribute>
      <!-- ... -->
      <rich:autocomplete autocompleteMethod="#{cc.attrs.bean.autocompleteMethod}" ...


      So there is some Class somewhere that has a method defined like this:


      public List<SelectItem> autocompleteMethod(String s);


      Well so, this method is called, but it never gets a meaningful parameter. How so? Any way to force it to pass paramter? Or is this an 4.3.0M bug?