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    values from ejb-jar.xml in singleton ejb?

    Andrew Redhead Newbie



      is it reasonable to try to test a singleton session bean configured via ejb-jar.xml using arquillian?


      I am trying to configure a singleton session bean in AS7 with a value from an ejb-jar file, without success - basically the setter method on the class under test does not get called.


      The class under test, the test class, the ejb-jar.xml file and the console output are attached.


      In the test report I can see the "toString(true)" on the test archive, which looks like the files are present in the expected locations:
















      I think at least part of the configuration is working because I'm using a jboss-deployment-structure.xml file to enable log4j logging and that output is visible in the console.


      Cheers, Andy