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    Why does getUserTransaction().commit not work with BMT ?

    Hanson Char Newbie

      I've downloaded JBoss 3.0.0beta (Windows 2000) and constructed a SL session bean to perform a number of Oracle DB transactions via BMT. The getUserTransaction via the SessionContext object doesn't seem to work.

      Specifically, after invoking getUserTransaction() on the SessionContext object, I begin, execute, and commit the SQL's and they all return successfully. However, all statements executed have no effect on the DB as if a rollback has been made.

      One interesting observation is if I explicitely setAutoCommit to false and use the jdbc connection to perform the commit, the SQL's would successfully get persisted to the DB. But this is obviously not the way it should be done in the EJB

      Another interesting fact is the very same SL session bean works on both Weblogic 6.0 and 6.1.

      I am using all the default JBoss configuration from the download. The DB is Oracle, so the configuration is made in oracle-service.xml. All db accessing are fine with the configuration.

      Please help.