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    Usage of, MPING and -u

    Gilles Compienne Newbie

      I am using multiple clusters of multiple versions of JBoss AS (4.2 and 5 RC1) and the jjboss AS 5 cluster complains about some MPING messages sent by the JBoss 4 cluster.

      I was a bit surprised by this as I use a different clustering domain (-g option) and multicast address (-u option), so each cluster should ignore each other's messages...

      Doing a "netstat -ang" before and after I start JBoss I can see that my instance of JBoss AS RC 1 uses the following mullticast addresses: (the one I specifiied with -u) seems to be used for maintenance purposes, whilst is used by MPING. My feeling is that MPING should not have used but (the address I specified at startup).

      Did anyone encounter a similar issue? I am thinking of reporting it as a bug but I prefer to check first...

      Note: I also feel that the use of is probably wrong (why ignore the -u?) but I am less certain about this one (there could be some valid technical reasons, but then it could be a idea to add another config parameter for it).