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    good references on J2EE transactions

    Honda Civic Newbie

      I have built an application that uses entity beans, session beans, JSPs, servlets, and JDBC to a single database. I want to increase the database accessing performance by creating transactions, cutting down on unnecessarly database hits. I have read books, online helps, and J2EE Blue Prints, but none does a good job in explaining in details of container managed and bean managed transactions, their advantages, problems, and the most of important of all, good *examples* illustrating all of the different scenarios. In fact, I am more confused after reading them.

      Does anyone know of a single source that one *must* read in order to master the concepts of J2EE transaction for a confused beginner like me?


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          Franz Prilmeier Newbie

          Generally avoid user managed Transactions. That way your Application can no longer be extended in a non-trivial way.

          The must significant gain you get when you use EJB is that you do not have to worry about transactions (and concurrency) during programming.

          The only book I have is the Oreilly book "Enterprise Java Beans". One chapter discusses Transactions.