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    Remote wrapper method for local relationship

    Rainer Bischof Newbie

      Hi Folks,

      probably a stupid questions but here we go:

      I have two entity beans Project and ProjectManager taking part in a one-many relationship: one ProjectManager manages multiple projects but one Project has exactly one ProjectManager.

      If I look up both beans locally from a JSP (yes I know that's ugly but I'm just playing around) using the LocalHome interface I can set the CMR field to reflect the relationship and everything is persisted and works fine.

      I then tried the following:
      I exposed a method in ProjectManager using the remote interface which takes the remote interface of the Project as an argument. In this method I use the Project's LocalHome interface and the primary key of the given remote Project to look up the local interface of the given Project entity and set the CMR field. But the relationship is not persisted!

      Is this in accordance to the EJB Spec? I haven't found anything that says that you can't set a local relationship when in a remote call. I use JBoss 3 RC1.