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    Failed to deploy to 3.0.0RC2 & jbosscmp-jdbc changes

    brian Newbie

      I urgently need to use RC2 since the "cann't passivate" problem is supposed to be solved. Unfortunately, the transfer from Alpha to RC2 wasn't smooth. The PostgreSQL is up. RC2 get the datasource. The error message is

      Bean : company
      Method : public String ejbCreate(String)
      Section: 10.6.4
      Warning: the throws clause must define the javax.ejb.CreateException.

      and a bunch of the same warning message.

      Is this due to changes in jbosscmp-jdbc_3_0.dtd?

      The app jar file can be deployed successfully under Alpha.
      I don't how detailed information should be provided. Please kindly give me some hints.

      Best Regards,