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    Does CMP EJB's have to be abstract?

    morten Matras Newbie

      I made an application using Together Controlcenter with CMP EJB's. The beans were implemented not with an abstract class, but instead with a normal class, with properties and implemented getter and setter methods.


      public class AnswerEJBBean implements ... ,EntityBean{
      public String answer;
      public void setAnswer(String answer) throws ... {
      public String getAnswer() throws ... {return answer;}

      I deployed it on JBoss 3.0 alpha with no problems. Everything was saved, but as I tryed to deploy on JBoss 3.0 beta nothing worked.
      After investigating the problem I found that the problem could be caused by the fact that the class and the properties in it is not abstract, as in every example I've seen. Before I change all my beans I would like to know whether it is this that is causing the problems.

      Morten Andersen