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    DB Record with ID=0 and EJB CMP2

    Christian Faucher Newbie

      Hello fellows,

      For some reasons I don't control, I have a DB record with a PK=0. I have an EJB, say called "A" linked to this table.

      I have another EJB, called "B", with a 1-1 unidirectional relationship: B <1--1> A.

      The relationship works perfect for any B and A.id != 0. But for A.id=0, JBoss sets the Field in B's table to NULL, instead of 0. It assumes I mean null, not 0. Is there any way to workaround this?!?

      BTW, I am using JBoss 3.0 RC1 and CMP2 EJBs. INterBase is on the 3rd tier.


      Christian Faucher