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    a4j:commandLink with oncomplete data callback

    Ian Gopfert Newbie

      Hello !

      I've been developing an application using richfaces 3 + jsf 1.2, i've been using a lot of javascripts to give power and speed to the system and my current issue is to exchange a json between the server and client to manipulate within the scripts. To do this, i'm using the a4j:commandLink as follows:


      <a4j:commandLink action="#{analise.carregarSolucao}" data="#{visualizador.JSONAtividades}" oncomplete="cenarioNovo.openPopup();cenarioNovo.mostraAtividades(data);"  />


      It perfectly works in Firefox and Chrome, but in IE (at least at 9), the data param at oncomplete is undefined, and i can't realize why, can someone help me ?

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          Christian Peter Expert

          you have to force the IE to IE-8 mode.




          you can try to debug the "data" object. maybe you'll have to use something like "event.data" or "response.data". Just take a look into the generated html code of you a4j:commandLink. There should be an "onclick" event which contains the oncomplete handler with all the possible parameters.



          or have you fixed all the other ajax (and xml parsing related) issues with IE9 while using richfaces 3.x?


          We currently are only able to support IE8.


          I'd appreciate it if you can give me some hints, how to successfully support native IE9 with RF 3.x :-)