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    How to set programatically the arquillian.xml file ?

    Florin Slev Newbie



      Is it possible to change the arquillian.xml configuration file from my code or using some system / maven variable ?   For example, inside my arquillian.xml file I have and address and port which arquillian uses in order to connect to a remote jboss AS and I want this to be more flexible , more exactly, I want to use some variable here  ${var}" which I could set somewhere inside the maven pom.



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          Karel Piwko Master

          Hi Florin,


          following constructs are allowed in arquillian.xml:







          If -DsystemPropertyName or $envPropertyName are defined, the placeholder is replaced, if not either default value is used or placeholder stays in its place. Note that Eclipse does not propagate pom.xml properties to Run As/JUnit test, so if

          you want to set it up a compatible way with that IDE, you need to use maven-resource-plugin with filtering instead. The example is shown here (note <testResources>, resources plugin > 2.5 and then have a look at arquillian.xml):




          Please let me know if that helps you,