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    Problem with subprocess and human tasks at the third subprocess

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      I'm facing a problem running some jbpm processes. The problem occurs when running a process containing subprocesses . For example if we have a process with 4 subp, the third subp never starts. When analizing the db, table processinstancelog, I see the subp2 is ended, the process is still active, and the subp3 never starts.

        It always happens with the third node. When subp1 ends, subp2 starts correctly.

      The subprocesses contains only human tasks.


      Another example: If I have a node, then subp1, then sub2, subp2 never starts. (Third node of the parent process).


      We are using jboss-as-7.1.1.Final, jbpm 5.3.0 Final, JPA 2.0


      I'm attaching a process example.


      Any clue of what the problem might be please tell me

      I will provide more info if needed, just let me know.


      Many thanks,