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    IE8 submit problem

    ram ram Newbie

      Hi All,


      I have a problem when using IE8 in my web application. Below is the problem description:


      I have an HtmlDataTable and Save button in my page, when i click on save i m showing a loading panel during the save process and hide it on complete.

      The issue occur when having a considerable data records in the table, once i click one save IE8 freezes and took few seconds before showing the loading panel.

      It seems that it is submitting all the page before displaying the loading panel and the save process is extremely slow.

      The same scenario is working properly in other web browsers except IE8.


      any suggestions or workaround for the above?




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          Siva P Master

          Hello ram,


          try add the below code in the seprate page(loading_page.xhtml),


          <rich:modalPanel id="wait" autosized="true" width="50" height="50"

                  moveable="false" resizeable="false">

                 <h:graphicImage alt="Please Wait..." value="/img/bosch/loading_animation.gif"></h:graphicImage>         



          Add the code in another xhtml or jsp page,


          <a4j:status for="roleRegionData" id="statusIDs" forceId="true"


                      onstop="#{rich:component('wait')}.hide()" />

                  <a4j:include id="loadWindowaddEdits"



          This is for="roleRegionData" for specific region we can show the loading in the screen,




          ------------------------ UR code




          if it is not working just rerender the region id in the button.rerender=regionID.It will help you to display loading screen prop-er manner.





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            ram ram Newbie

            Hi Siva,


            I found what is wrong in my code, i m using <a4j:support> and it is submitting the whole form even when i m adding ajaxSingle="true".


            the problem doesn't occur when the table data has few rows since the form size is small, but when the table has considerable rows number the form size is huge

            that's why it is taking few seconds to submit it before displaying the Loading panel.


            Siva, thank you for your help and support.




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              Christian Peter Expert

              if I understand you correctly, you have a table with many input components inside? richfaces will always send all input elements as request parameters. This can cause trouble if you a running your application on an application server which has as limited number of requestparams configured. like jboss 7.1. (it has only 512 per default)


              currently I'm developing a prototype for "real" inplace input: initially it will render a span just for output, but if you click on it, it will transform to an input only on the client. this will keep the number of inputs low. but it's an early prototype.



              alternatively you can try to toggle between edit and view mode in your table. like a roweditor..

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                ram ram Newbie



                You are right, I have a table with many input components inside. but the problem is that the application performance is acceptable when using Firefox,Chrome and IE9, and it is extremelty slow when using IE8. It is like IE8 submits the whole page and ajax functionalities is not working. I don't know if it is related to the browser setup or compatibility with Richfaces 3.3.3.Final.


                for example when clicking on the below command button:


                <a4j:commandLink value="View" onclick="Richfaces.showModalPanel('modalPanel');" ajaxSingle="true" rendered="#{beanBB.showBtn}"/>


                It tooks 4 seconds to display the modal panel on IE8 while it opens in a fraction of second on the other browsers.





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                  Christian Peter Expert

                  "It is like IE8 submits the whole page and ajax functionalities is not working" no difference between different browsers here. each ajax request sends the values of all input elements inside the same form as request parameters to the server. even using regions to reduce the number of processes elements still would gather and send the values of all inputs.


                  the browser could become significant slower on slow browsers like the IE8. take a look into the developertools and or the error console if you get any errors there during a request.