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    errai/Jboss Central quickstart/tutorials are completly broken...

    elia weiss Newbie


      I'm trying for many days now (about a week) to find a quickstart/tutorial of a working errai/jpa/cdi example and couldn't find a decent one,

      I searched in many examples and tutorial, downloaded many example, with/without maven/ant.
      almost all of them failed with errors I spent days investigating and couldn't trace them.

      this include all errai archetypes, most of JBoss central examples.
      I tried it on 2 different installation on different machines...

      BTW although I'm new to java EE I have a lot of experience in Java and web programing in other languages...


      I felt I should share my experience with other so they can know what they are diving into with this...

      Did any one had a similar experience?

      Did any one found a descent tutorial into the word of Java EE, or errai ???