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    Migration to JBOSS 7.0

    anand_lgv Newbie

      Hi All,


      we are currently using WAS8.0 as application server and we would like to migrate to JBOSS 7. Can someone help me getting the comparison document between WAS8.0 and JBOSS 7.0 so that i can take it forward for any discussions.


      Thanks and Regards,


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          Stephen Coy Master

          I don't believe that any such document exists at this time.


          Provided that you are not using CMP entity beans* the migration will not be particularly difficult. The issues that I see before you are:

          • migration of WebSphere deployment descriptors (ibm-web-bnd.xml, ibm-ejb-jar-bnd.xml, etc) to jboss deployment descriptors (jboss-web.xml, jboss-ejb3.xml, etc)
          • migration of WebSphere dependent code
          • migration of OpenJPA dependent code to Hibernate equivalent
          • migration of security model and configuration


          Also be aware that application wide firing of EJB timers in a clustered environment is not yet supported by JBoss 7.


          * If you are using CMP then this could be a *big* job.

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            anand_lgv Newbie

            Thanks Stephen.


            Like EJB timers, do you know any other feature which JBOSS 7 can not support like Load Balancing, Clustering etc.

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              Stephen Coy Master

              As far as I know everything else is well supported. Much of this infrastructure has improved significantly over previous JBoss releases.


              I should also mention that many developers get surprised by the much stricter JBoss 7 classloading model, but most of these occur when migrating from earlier versions of JBoss.

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                Scott Marlow Master

                Also look at how do I migrate my application from WebLogic to AS 7 and contribute your questions (as comments) to that document.  Or if you like, just add a link to this forum post as a comment.


                Contributions to the document are welcome.  Some of you that are going through the conversion (either want to or are actively doing it), are best able to list the issues/solutions/workarounds.  If others have already gone through the conversion, please add your notes as well to the document.