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    Process diagram loading problem in linux

    Josny Delson Newbie

      Hi All,

             When drools-guvnor.war and designer.war deployed in Gatein 3.2. Its working fine in windows machine. But I have a problem while deployed in linux machine. We can access the drools-govner and standalone editor . But not loading the saved bpmn2 processes and we could not save new processes. We could draw the process diagram, but while validating shows the 'Invalid answer from server '  error(Also not loading the packageName and processid automatically as it in windows.Then I set these values and shows the previous 'Invalid answer from server '  error ). I am using designer 2.2 and JBPM 5.2 , drools-guvnor 5.3.1.




      Please help and suggest me to solve this problem



      Josny Delson