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    Adding custom node types configuration over json

    Dmitri Voronov Novice

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to use repository json configuration with custom node types. For the first I took the snippet from the documentation:


      "name" : "Repository with node types",

      "storage" : {

      "transactionManagerLookup" :



      "workspaces" : {

      "predefined" : ["ws1", "ws2"],

      "default" : "default",

      "allowCreation" : true


      "node-types" : ["cnd/cars.cnd", "cnd/aircraft.cnd"]



      but on starting the engine I got a problem saying:

      "ERROR: Error at node-types : The 'node-types' field on '' is not defined in the schema and the schema does not allow additional properties."


      Could anybody advise what's wrong with this configuration?


      Thanks and kind regards