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    WORKING cmp examples for v3.0 RC1

    Paul Webster Newbie

      I am quite new to JBoss but used to work in BEA PS (UK)as well as numerous consultancies so I'm pretty clued up with app servers & ejb development.
      I'm basiucally trying to get RC1 up and running with an oracle DS. I'm using the cmp examples that come with the full doc subscription (cmp-examples). There seems to be a number of problems with these (local object finders returning wrong interface etc etc). I have fixed the majority of these but cannot get round a number of beans complaining about not throwing CreateExceptions on create() methods. After trawling through numerous forum pages it looks like a problem with the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml (there are 20 errors when validating against the jbosscmp-jdbc_3_0.dtd). Why can't you include (or supply) working examples for RC1? All the examples I get with the docs are useless and either seem to work only for alpha, with the majority being aimed at version 2.4. I'm not interested in 2.4 but only 3.0! In the doc subscription you supply pdfs for various features of version 3 (eg clustering, CMP), but dated examples. I also keep seeing postings saying there's egs in the v3.0 test suite. Where is this? Nothing comes in the install & I can't find anything on any pages. All the examples talked about in the online v3.0 docs (contained in documentation-example.zip) are again all dated and don't even use the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml dd. These online docs (http://www.jboss.org/online-manual/HTML/index.html) just seem like a copy and paste from v2 and don't actually tell you anything useful about v3.0 (well RC1 anyway!). It looks like someone's just just done a search and replace from 2 to 3!
      Can someone point me to some working examples for v3.0 RC1? Even the old cmp examples don't deploy out of the box as there are no type mappings for 'InstandDB' (and probably no DS either).
      I'm trying to encourage my employer and a number of clients to stop paying big bucks for app servers and to go with JBoss but I can't even get basic functionality up & running easily. Using v2 is not an option. No offence, but I don't have time to sift through xml changing old elements to their new ones and fixing broken code.
      On another note, are there any admin tools (web based or not)? Again, you supply a load of admin jars (even in a admin directory) with the install but non of them work! I've seen that on various postings that these don't actually work and are no longer supported. Why bother including them in the install? I wasted a good few hrs trying to get these working & was pretty hacked off to find they're not even supported anymore!

      Having worked for BEA I have a large amount of contacts in the UK and was hoping to push them into contemplaiting cheaper (but just as functional) alternatives. I understand JBoss is open source and will require a fair amount of time & investment to get up and running, but this is ludicrous. I've paid $60 and I don't even get a working eg and up to date docs!
      Hopefully someone will reply back and point me to the right places for examples 'cos I'll be damned if I can find anything!

      Yours frustrated, PW