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    EntityQuery with or statement

    Pascal Geldmacher Newbie



      i need the following SQL Statement with seam.


      SELECT * from table WHERE (state = 'A' or state = 'b') and value = 'hello';


      This restriction don't work. cause the or statement is not possible.


      private static final String[] RESTRICTIONS = {

        "(lending.state = #{lendingList.lendingState} or lending.displayState = #{lendingList.lendingState})",

        "lower(lending.event) like concat('%',lower(#{lendingList.event}),'%')",

        "lower(lending.username) in (#{lendingList.racfUsernames})",

        "lower(lending.costCenter) like concat(lower(#{lendingList.costCenter}),'%')",

        "lendingProduct.product.lendingGroup IN (#{lendingList.lendingGroup})",

        "lendingProduct.product.name like concat('%',lower(#{lendingList.productName}),'%')",

        "lendingItem.item.identifier like concat('%', lower(#{lendingList.itemIdentifier}),'%')",

        "lendingProduct.product.productGroup.id = #{lendingList.productGroupId}"};


      What i 've to change to make the statement valid ?


      Thanks a lot.