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    JBoss AS7 with HTML5 WebRTC Client Application now available !

    Jean Deruelle Newbie

      TeleStax released the 2.0.0 version of Mobicents SIP Application Server on JBoss AS7 with Support for SIP Over WebSockets as well as a WebRTC Client Application and a JAIN SIP Javascript framework to help build WebRTC Clients.


      With this release, Mobicents SIP Servlets is bringing realtime communications (voice & video) to your Browser using HTML5 WebRTC and SIP Over WebSockets !


      Watch our Video Recording of the HTML5 WebRTC Demo using the bundled HTML5 WebRTC Client which allows you to make video calls from/to any Web Browser supporting WebRTC, (only Google Chrome supports it so far but all major browsers should support it in the next 6 months).


      Full announcement here !