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    Problems integrating with JBoss and Mckoi

    Joel Rosi-Schwartz Newbie


      [Note: the previous post with the "Subject null" contains the files I wanted to attach to this post. What is the problem with the posting feature? Or is just my browser that is broken? ]

      I have modified Howard Ship's integration with the Mckoi Database to work with the new com.mckoi.database.control API. When I start JBoss it seems as if Mckoi is starting alright, but then an exception is thrown while JBoss is setting up XA after which the JBoss startup freezes. At least I think that is where the exception is occurring. The problem I am having in sorting this out is that I have insufficient information in the logs to pin point the cause. Also my understanding of both Mckoi and the JBoss JMX loader are a bit slim to be tackling these. So, I sure could use some insight.

      I am pretty sure that I have the new classes right and the JBoss log indicates that the database startup is successful. I believe that the Mckoi config file is okay; I have tested it stand alone and it works okay.

      It is the java.sql.SQLException: Connection refused in the JBoss log that has me stumped. Does this mean that the database has not actually started or does it indicate that JBoss is trying to connect to the database on the wrong port or with inappropriate credentials or ....?

      The relevant part of the JBoss log is below:
      [Default] McKoiDB starting
      [Default] McKoiDB started
      [XADataSourceLoader] Starting
      [McKoiDB] XA Connection pool McKoiDB bound to java:/McKoiDB
      [McKoiDB] java.sql.SQLException: Connection refused
      [McKoiDB] Pool McKoiDB factory org.jboss.pool.jdbc.xa.XAConnectionFactory@fced4 unable to create new object!
      [McKoiDB] Pool McKoiDB [0/0/10] waiting for a free object
      I have turned Mckoi's debug up to 10 and here is the output of the run:
      **** Debug log started: Sun May 19 21:20:20 BST 2002 ****
      % Internal Data Cache size: 4194304
      % Internal Data Cache max cell size: 8192
      % lookup_comparison_list = true
      % read_only = false
      % dont_synch_filesystem = false
      % transaction_error_on_dirty_select = true
      % ignore_case_for_identifiers = false
      % Java regex API not available.
      % No 'function_factories' config property found.
      % statement_cache = true
      % Max worker threads set to: 4
      % Starting Database Server: ../db/useme/data
      > com.mckoi.database.LockingMechanism ( lvl: 10 )
      Locked into ** EXCLUSIVE MODE **
      > com.mckoi.database.LockingMechanism ( lvl: 10 )
      UnLocked from ** EXCLUSIVE MODE **
      I have also attached the source files for the Mbeans service and the Mckoi config file. The relevant portion of the JBoss jcml file is:
      <!-- ==================================================================== -->
      <!-- JDBC: McKoiDB -->
      <!-- ==================================================================== -->


      <!-- 9157 -->



      Any ideas on how to track this down would be much appreciated.


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          Joel Rosi-Schwartz Newbie


          With the help of Toby Downer, the author of Mckoi, I have resolved this issue.

          For those of you who are interested, Toby has agreed to include this integration with JBoss in the next release of the database. I would contribute these to JBoss, but there are licencing issues. Mckoi ships under the GNU General Public License (GPL) so there are issues in mixing with the more liberal JBoss license. But with Toby including the mbean code in the Mckoi release it seems as if these issues are avoided. I will post an announcment to the Forum when Toby officially releases them.

          For more information on Mckio see http://mckoi.com/database/