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    DB2 config problem

    Kenny Newbie

      Hi all,

      Yes I scoured the forums, but couldnt fin info I could use. :)
      I am using 3.0 RC1.

      DB2 version is 7.1UDB, with JDBC 1.x classes.

      I dont understand where to condif the JNDI and datasource entries? I keep on getting references to jboss.jcml whioch is not in my JBoss distribution.

      I need to set up the following:
      jdbc DataSource name such as "jdbc/DB2/mydatabase"
      and url such as "jdbc:db2://myhost:6789/MYTABLE"
      also, need to specify the username and password for this so I can log into DB2.

      Please help me. I have tried editing all the config files and still cant get this right.

      Kind regards,