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    Oracle BLOB > 4000 bytes 2.4.5

    Sebastian Newbie


      I want to store some byteArrays[] with cmp beans to the database. But as soon as i insert arrays > 4000 bytes i get a heuristic rollback exception.

      I know that there where former posts about this issue, but i did not find a solution to this .. :-(

      I am using oracle 8 and jboss 2.4.6

      jaws mapping:

      get & set methods
      -> public Object sectionTemplate
      is (Object)ByteArray[]

      public Object getSectionTemplate()

      return this.sectionTemplate;


      public void setSectionTemplate(Object SectionTemplate)

      this.sectionTemplate = SectionTemplate;


      Is there a workaround or something?? Or a possible change of the standartjwas mapping??