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    does read-ahead work in 2.4.4?

    Richard Kilgore Newbie

      When I use read-ahead, JBoss 2.4.4 appears to load all
      the data when I call the finder, but then when I try
      to call getters on the objects in the Collection, it
      queries the database again for each one.

      Here is an example jaws.xml excerpt that causes the
      bad behavior:

      <![CDATA[, tsk_inst, proj_assnmt, proj, cust
      where tm_blk.tm_sh_id = {0}
      and tm_blk.tsk_inst_id = tsk_inst.tsk_inst_id
      and tsk_inst.proj_assnmt_id = proj_assnmt.proj_assnmt_id
      and proj_assnmt.proj_id = proj.proj_id
      and proj.cust_id = cust.cust_id]]>
      cust.cust_abbrev, proj.proj_nm,
      tsk_inst.tsk_inst_id, tm_blk.tm_blk_dt ASC