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    Lost data after server restart with CMP using JBoss 3.0.0RCx

    Achim Brucker Newbie

      I have a problem with the persistency of Entity Beans/CMP during
      server restart. I'm testing the following scenario:

      1) start JBoss
      2) store some data using Entity Beans with CMP
      3) read the data from the server (this works in all cases)
      3) shutdown JBoss
      4) (re)start JBoss
      5) reading the persistent data

      This works flawlessly with JBoss3.0.0alpha, but when I do
      the same with JBoss 3.0.0.RC3 (or RC1,RC2), the persistent
      data is lost after the restart.

      I noticed, that in the case of JBoss 3.0.0alpha, the file
      default.script (in the hypersonic directory) contains the
      SQL statements for creating the needed tables and storing
      the data, whereas in the case of JBOSS 3.0.0RC this file
      seems to be reset to its default during shutdown.

      Any ideas?