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    Store failed Embedded Exception java.lang.Character

    Jeff DeLong Master

      I have updated the CMP 2.0 Commerce example and written an OrderManager and ProductManager stateless session beans and test client, and am trying to test it in RC2. The test client invokes a method on the ProductManager to create 5 product entities in the DB, along with ProductCategories. Next the test client invokes a method on the OrderManager that looks up the Products via findByPrimaryKey, and that works. Next the client invokes another method on the OrderManager to create an order, giving the Product primary keys as arguments (along quantities, which is not used, these arguments are passed in a Map).

      After creating the Order the OrderManager attempts to create LineItems and then do li.setProduct(product) after first looking up the ProductEJB using the productId. The productHome.findByPrimaryKey(productId) appears to fail, but it is unclear to me why.