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    Jboss 3.0 RC3 CMR problem

    Sebastien ASTIE Newbie

      I was wondering if any body experienced any problem using CMP 2.0 Entities and CMR relationship.

      I have run my code on weblogic 6.1 and it is working fine, so there is nothing wrong with the code itself.
      So my guess is that i do something wrong in my deployment descriptors (they are in attachment).

      I have a CMR field called "department" (defined in ejb-jar.xml).
      I have 2 Entities Employee and Department with a 1:N relation.

      Employee Entity has methods getDepartment and setDepartment, these methods take and return a department Entity.

      So the CMR field is an entity bean and not a field in db.

      Everything deploys well but when i want to get data from my DB using my entity i have this exception :
      Column not found: Unknown column 'department' in 'field list'

      I modified a lot my jbosscmp-jdbc.xml but I get always the same exception.

      If anybody know how to work this out please let me know

      Thanks a lot