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    boolean, CMP and EJB-QL

    Richard Vigniel Newbie

      Hi all

      I got problems with my boolean cmp fields with FireBird DB (though it works well with PostgreSQL 7.2)

      jboss tries to store values 'true' and 'false' in its sql requests, but the db does not support booleans (boolean are mapped to smallint in standardjaws.xml)
      so i get an error:
      GDSExcepton in PreparedStatement constructor
      org.firebird.gds.GDSException: Dynamic SQL error
      SQL Error code = -206
      Column unknown
      in my EJB-QL queries, the "true"/"false" constant in not translated into 1/0 so i get the same error.

      everything works fine with PostgreSQL, which support boolean sql type and values "true"/"false"

      isn't jboss supposed to handle the mapping of values from boolean to smallint ?
      whould we avoid to use boolean cmp fields with jboss ?