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    Complex many-to-many relations.

    Vesa Varimo Newbie


      I have a database model which I'm trying to convert to entity beans. I have four tables in the model:

      +projectId (pk)

      +organisationId (pk)

      +projectOrganisationId (pk)
      +projectId (fk)
      +organisationId (fk)

      +projectCostId (pk)
      +projectOrganisationId (fk)

      I have tried to create entity beans:

      ProjectEJB, ProjectCostEJB, OrganisationEJB and ProjectOrganisationEJB.

      I'm having serious problems when I map ProjectOrganisation
      with relation-table-mapping in jboss cmp to get many-to-many relation from Person to Organisation work. I have to map ProjectOrganisation also with foreign key mapping to Project and Organisation using ProjectOrganisationId because I need to get a reference to ProjectOrganisationEJB from PersonEJB.

      How should I model this kind of database model to ejbs so that relations would work?

      Thanks for your help,