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    Problem using CMP 1.x with JBoss 3

    Faisal Mahmood Newbie

      I am using CMP 1.x on JBoss 3.0. I have problem mapping the names of the persistent fields. I am using Firebird (Interbase) db which has some reserved words and those are being used in my beans. I have tried
      to map the field-name with the column-name in jaws.xml file like this,





      But still the queries generated by JBoss are using the same name (which I have already mapped). So do I have to do some other configuration ..? or I am missing some thing?

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          David Jencks Master

          Just to check... As I understand it jboss decides to use jaws or jbosscmp (for cmp2) based on the DOCTYPE of the ejb-jar file. If this is the 1.3 ejb-jar dtd, even though you are using ejb 1.1, the entity beans will be deployed by the cmp 1 features of the cmp2 engine. If this is happening, specify the column names in jbosscmp-jdbc.xml or change the DOCTYPE.

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            Faisal Mahmood Newbie

            Thanks for the suggestion. I changed the ejb-jar DTD to the ejb1.1 (also removed the jbosscmp-jdbc file from the project), but the problem remains the same. So there is some thing worong else where..?? Why should JBoss over look the mapping (or maybe its ingnoring the file totally, is it possible??) ?